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Our Services

4.1 Pre-construction service

We work with the owner and the design team in the early phase of drawings, to provide value engineering and suggestions for setting, constructability, budget and scheduling. Within our Preconstruction services we act as a value-added member of the design team, enhancing the design segment of the job by providing accurate pricing information and marrying the budget to the actual design.
By incorporating items such as sustainability and maintenance costs into our design review, our suggestions can often save the owner money well into the future. Our pre-construction team works to reduce the overall project cost by saving time, labor and expenses. The result is a building designed to the owner's specifications, within budget and with no surprises.

4.2 General contractor service

As a General Contractor, our services begin with pricing. We bid out the job in predetermined packages, and verify the validity of the bids using our extensive cost histories. During actual construction, we manage the day to day activity on the job, including safety, quality control and adherence to the schedule. We also provide bonding for the project and hold all subcontractor contracts, unless instructed to do otherwise by the owner. We have the ability to self-perform many aspects of our work, giving us greater control over the schedule and allowing us to truly drive the project.

4.3 Construction Manager

Our Construction Management Team is closely involved in the planning and design phase and typically joins the project at the same time as the architect. We provide input on constructability, budget, and schedule, which reduces costs. During the construction phase, our full-time supervision team is on site, monitoring work to assure compliance with specifications, budget and schedule.
Our CM team also acts as a liaison to the owner providing the on-going status of the project, producing monthly progress reports which detail the status of the job from start to finish.

4.4 Design Builder

Our expertise also extends to Design-Build Construction. After first examining the specifications of the owner, we team with a design firm that has extensive experience in similar projects. This Design-Build team then acts as a cohesive unit, with the designer developing the building's specifications, while we perform the constructability review.
During construction, our Design-Build team then acts as the single source of information for all design and construction issues. This creates a more effective line of communication between everyone involved with the project, which leads to a more successful project delivery system.

4.5 Strategic Partner

As a Strategic Construction Partner, we operate as an extension of our client's own staff, overseeing both project construction and facilities management. Within this role, we create a "construction program" in which we manage design review, budgeting, scheduling, quality control, safety, and security, as well as any other client requested items. This project delivery method is best suited for an organization with multiple projects or facilities because it provides a consistent, measurable program through every phase of the construction process which can be extended to any location or facility.

Key Management

Camcona Group Co., Ltd. is a company which has full capacity of human resources and experiences for management all kind of the construction works.

Mr. Varheng Dawuth, Managing Director. Prior to joining the company, Mr. Dawuth has acquired extensive experience in architectural design, preliminary design sketch, detailed designed, tender document preparation, decoration, site supervision and project management, in his capacity as a General Manager for Architect Solutions Group Co., Ltd for 17 years. He holds Bachelor Degree in Architecture from the Architectural Institute of Saigon, Vietnam and also obtained Master Degree in Business from the Chamroeun University of Poly-Technology, Cambodia in addition to Diploma Certificate in Business Computing from Lotus Institute of Saigon, Vietnam.

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